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Vjay, thank you for your phone service and patience in helping us use the glare products correctly.

As you may know, we have been persistent in trying to prove that this product is what it is meant to be. First of all I will state that we are only amateurs, but have used the Glare products on our late model silver Toyota Prado, a white 1995 Toyota Hilux and a 1997 grey Nissan Pulsar. I have had others comment on how nice our vehicles have looked, but this next job was a real test of the glare products. In the last week or so, we have had the challenge to remove bad scratches from a friends late model white commodore. The scratches were excessive, in fact probably a very rare instance where it seemed like someone had sanded the whole area of hood, boot and rear spoiler with medium sand paper – not something we expect to happen.

The scratches were deep, very noticeable and widespread across the full areas stated. It was a very disappointing sight for the owner to find that a neighbor had done this to his car approximately 2 months before. I had shaken my head upon seeing this vehicle and called Paint Protection Direct for assistance to see if their products could achieve a desired result.

We tried Vjay’s instructions to a small section for 15minutes to no avail. I called again and you were very confident if we followed your instructions, and used pressure on our low 500 rpm buffer (which we hadn’t done on the first attempt) - that we would remove all the scratches, taking no layers of paint off with your (cut and polish like product –) GLARE KNOCK OUT. We used buffing machine and applied knockout several times per areas done for the deep scratches to be removed, but note that no paint layers were removed. If we had a more high powered buffer maybe the job would have been achieved quicker, but all scratches have been removed in about a day and half to the whole vehicle. There is one very happy owner who now has his car looking like new again.

It is really an amazing product – the 23 yr old young man who is the owner of the white commodore shared his joys over the phone with his father who has been very particular with polishing and keeping his own cars immaculate over the years, but he was a little dubious of the thought that a cut and polish like product would not take the paint off. They were going to go to a professional paint shop and probably pay $500 or more for the removal of the severe scratches and probably remove layers of paint as well, but instead "Glare Knockout" has done the spectacular job for less than $50 and a day or so of laboring with a buffing machine.

I have personally seen the before and after of this vehicle and assisted in the removal of scratches and polishing. The removal of these scratches with Glare Knockout has convinced me totally that this product is amazing, and too the results and comments from others I’ve had about the vehicles we have applied the Professional Glare Polish previously.

Don’t just purchase the Glare Products and give up - practice, persist, talk and seek advice from the team at Paint Protection Direct and you will achieve amazing results in a very short time without taking ANY layers of paint off your vehicle.

We will from now on always use Glare products on our vehicles and share Glare product results with as many as we can. You know, it is a known fact that salesman only often tell what they want to tell, but I can honestly say that everything Vjay and his wife have shared about the capability of the glare products is all true and absolutely correct.

They know their product and can confidently and honestly state the facts and capabilities to whoever enquires of the Glare Products. This is a product that proves that the information available on the website is exactly true of what it does. If more panel beaters, paint repairers and car enthusiasts knew the capabilities of this product they would be amazed.

It's a product that when you try to share with others how good it is, it nearly sounds like "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE", BUT the fact is "IT'S SO GOOD AND IT'S SO TRUE".


Mrs Sandy Courtice,

Glenmorgan. Queensland.

Phone 07 46656806