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GLARE ZERO 32oz–quart Price $198.00 incl gst.+ $10 P&H = $208.00

GLARE ZERO is a revolutionary product, especially developed for the professional in mind.

Whether detailing an old finish, or preparing a freshly painted surface for polishing, GLARE ZERO is a must. After the last coat of clear-coat has cured the professional painter will color sand with fine sandpaper to level any imperfections or ripples in the surface of the paint. After finishing this color-sanding procedure they will proceed to step one of polishing and polish the paint surface with GLARE Knock-Out Compound.

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HURRICANE BUFFER Price $324.00 incl gst + $20 P&H = $344.00

This Buffer is expertly designed and crafted to meet the highest demand in a Variable Speed buffer polisher you can purchase in the world's market today!

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  Hurricane buffer image
DRYING CHAMOIS $46.20 incl gst. + $6.00 P&H = $52.20

Extra large drying chamoise. Special blend. No unnnessary wiping to cause surface scratching. Made especially and recommended for dark colored cars.

  Chamois image
MICRO FIBRE CLOTHS Introductory offer $7.70 each incl
+ $6.00 P&H = $13.70

Special blended for our Glare range. Large polishing cloths , available 2 colors.

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SAHARA TRIGGER & REFILL $92.40 incl gst + $20 P&H = $112.40

Sahara 16 oz Trigger + Sahara 32 oz Refill.

Revolutionary, waterless, non scratch, liquid glass based wash.

Get a FREE Glare microfiber polish cloth!!

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16oz SAHARA TRIGGER Price $31.90 incl gst + $10 P&H = $41.90


  16oz Sahara Trigger image
32oz SAHARA REFILL Price $60.50 incl gst + $15 P&H = $75.50


  32oz Sahara Trigger image
LEATHER & VINYL Price $41.25 incl gst + P&H $10 = $51.25

Leather & Vinyl – nourishes leather & vinyl with a protective layer (Supplexin™)

  Leather & Vinyl image
SWIRL & SPIDER REMOVER Price $39.95 incl gst + $10 P&H = $49.95

Easy application to remove surface spiderwebs and swirl marks.

  Leather & Vinyl image
GLARE INFINITY PLUS Price $75.00 incl gst + $10 P&H = $85.00

Superior paint sealant. Easy to apply.

Order online and get FREE Glare polish Cloth.

GLARE RAPID ACTION Price $27.50 incl gst + $12 P&H = $39.50

Fastest way to put on a shine. Easy application.

Rapid Action is a very versatile product in this convenient trigger pack. Rapid Action can be used to remove stains in an emergency situation (bird droppings, tar or many other contaminants) whilst your vehicle is on the road and away from a wash.

It can also be used to add a light coat to the already treated paintwork of your car for added strength and shine if/as required. Used on wheels this product will act as barrier to road grime and make removal of brake dust easy. Use also on windows for a protective coating and non stick surface for all dirt and grime. Polish an un treated car by hand in 15 mins for a shine that lasts 6 months or more.

TYRE MAGIC Price $39.95 incl gst = $12 P&H = $51.95

Liquid exterior tyre and rubber dressing. No smearing or mess. Easy to use. Repels water, removes browning from tyres.

500ml will be sufficient to treat a medium sized car for well over 12 months.!!

  TYRE MAGIC image
GLARE POLISH Introductory offer $43.95 incl gst
+ $10 P&H = $53.95

General purpose liquid glass based contains Glassplexin.

Infinity Auto Protection offers the world’s finest and most effective auto paint sealant and protection products. Containing GlassPlexin, exclusively formulated to polish, seal and protect your car’s paint finish in one application, this product forms a rock hard clear finish that won’t crack, peel, fade or wash off. Contains no wax, silicones, polymer or acrylic and applies easily to paint, chrome, steel, wheel rims and glass. Permanently removes swirls, minor scratches and paint imperfections restoring a glorious lustre and superior richness to the colour of the paint.

LIQUID CLAY Price $27.50 incl gst + $10 P&H = $37.50

This is a liquid and not a clay bar so will not add scratches whilst you prepare badly or oxidised paint surfaces. This will remove any impurities in preparation to applying the paint protection application. Use also to rejuvenate oxidised paint.

Ideal for oxidised paint. Hand application. Restores shine and prepares surface for Glarepolish without losing dead paint.

  LIQUID CLAY  image
GLARE KNOCK OUT Price $49.50 incl gst + $10 P&H = $59.50

Can be applied by hand or machine. Preps surface thorughly in one easy step. Works best with our recomended pads, buffer and cloth. Fills in deep imperfections like no other product on the market. See our gallery for proof.


Our latest 2007 range includes this 6 stage process, in a controlled polish booth, with live feed camera recording, includes complete exterior, all exterior rubbers and windows, wheel rims, engine bay , door jams , boot, full after care kit in aluminium carry ox, including a towel vac, standard Glare wash kit, and our latest Sahara waterless wash kit, Microfiber cloths and instructions on how to maintain your vehicle. All this , including before and after pics, recorded footage and written 7 year warranty, upgradeable to lifetime at no etra cost. Regular price on small new car $850.00 incl. Introductory offer $650.00 incl. For more detailed info and individual quote on a specific vehicle, click here to enquire.

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