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If we cannot fix it, it cannot be fixed!

Infinity Auto Protection has been working in the Auto Protection Industry for over 25 years, with combined experience between the Chemist and the Director exceeding 40 years.

We are a dynamic company that was formed to lead the way in the automotive finishing industry, and fill the void left by other products that fall short of their promise of protection and longevity!

Initially created to be a provider of paint, vinyl and fabric protection, the company evolved to become a driver of end-to-end services and products, including car paint sealants, buff pads and buffing machines, and a waterless carwash.

Our aim is to serve the dealer networks as well as detailers and other retail outlets with world class products and services, suitable for new and used vehicles. With this in mind, we strive to form relationships and affiliations within the industry that will transform the way vehicles are presented and maintained.


Our professional services are available throughout Australia, using authorised applicators who adhere to the most stringent application procedure, closely monitored by live feed cameras relayed directly to head office.

All cars are treated with the highest integrity - irrespective of make, model or age, at all of our authorised centres.

Our trained staff specialise in services relating to surface scratches, swirl removal, professional polishing, paint sealing, fabric protection, leather protection, electronic rust protection and much more!



Despite originally focusing on automotive needs, all products – including our waterless carwash solution, car paint sealants, buff pads and buffing machines - within our range can be applied to cars, bikes, boats, caravans, trucks and even aeroplanes alike.

The protective nature of our finishes are able to withstand the effects of marine and atmospheric elements as much as road grime and tar.

We carry the full range of products to meet your needs, including cleaners, polishers, car paint sealants, fabric and leather protection, electronic rust protectors, micro-fibre cloths, buff pads and buffing machines.

We supply and service both the DIY & Trade with the most advanced, non-toxic, easy to use, long-lasting, warranted products on the market.

Besides Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail – a waterless carwash and our most recent addition to the product line - we have a range of other GLARE ™ products.

These include:

  • Glare Professional Polish
  • Glare Ultra Wash
  • Glare Liqui-Clay
  • Glare Rapid Action
  • Glare Vinyl and Leather Protection

Click HERE to view more information on Glare Products.

All of our DIY kits and products come with simple easy to use instructions.

We also offer free online and telephone support, if needed.

All products are available to you either directly from us, through our dealership network or via numerous retail outlets.