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Glare Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail is the latest & only liquid glass product to be introduced into our 2007 waterless carwash range. Using the latest technology, this non-scratch waterless wash solution is designed specifically for cleaning and protecting vehicles, without needing water.

Below are answers to some of our more Frequently Asked Questions. Please click on the question below to see the answer.

Q: How does Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail work?

Q: How hard is Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail to use?

Q: How is this product different to others in the market?

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

Q: Does it work on all car types?

Q: Is it safe?

Q: What does Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail protect your car from?

Q: What is this waterless carwash solution made of?

Q: How long does the Sahara Wash last?

Q: What are the benefits of using Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail?

Q: Where can I buy Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail?

Q: Can I apply more than two coats of Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail?

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