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Do you need a carwash product which cleans and shines your car, without needing water? Glare Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail is here to help!

SAHARA Star Products

Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail is unique – no other liquid glass product on the market may be applied without water, a commodity which is so scarce nowadays. Originally designed for our international customers who live in some of the most arid regions of the globe, Australians too can now take advantage of this outstanding product.

Sahara Waterless Carwash Demo image This waterless wash formula provides a safe, high quality, non-scratch solution to washing and detailing your vehicle, that is easy to apply and results in rock-hard protection and ultimate shine.

It is impervious to harsh contaminants, protects against harmful UV rays and will block out corrosion and oxidation.

Sahara Waterless Wash was formulated with the idea of combining the GLARE Ultra Wash with the Glare RapidAction Express Polish, producing a silicate containing Glassplexin.

Glare Sahara not only dissolves away dirt and grime safely, it will infuse the painted surface with molecularly bonding Glassplexin which outshines, out-protects and outperforms any other waterless carwash in the world, whether professionally applied or purchased from a retailer.

All products in the Sahara Waterless Wash & Detail line are manufactured under the strictest conditions, ensuring the product meets quality standards and exceeds your expectations.

When used in conjunction with our Glare professional polish, you will truly have optimum benefit and the clearest mirror finish from any other product on the market.

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