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Hi Vijay,
I just wanted to say a big thanks for the fantastic work you've done on my car both with the paint protection, and more recently, repairing a major scratch for me.

Your efforts and workmanship are much appreciated and it's great to see good customer service is still alive and well.

I'm also impressed with your advice on maintenance and ongoing care.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to dealing with you again in future.

Debra Daw.

Attention: Vijay Parthab

Vijay I thought I would send this quick email to give you feedback on your service. When the Glare Polish was first applied I was both shocked and delighted that my new car (including all the factory Subaru imperfections) could look so much better then the day I picked it up from the dealer. Since that day I have had multiple people stop me, including the service manager at Subaru and ask me what polish I use on my car. When I tell them I haven't polished the car since the day I bought it, the most common reply is" you're kidding mate". That is when I tell them about the Glare product and your business.

I can say with no hesitation that the Glare polish is a great product but is only half the equation in my book, as I could honestly say that you would have to be one of the most professional and honest businessman I have ever had the joy to deal with. When it comes to preparing and applying the Glare product you work like a surgeon and are so passionate about your work and it shows in the final product which is a black Subaru with a truly mirror like finish. I have also become one of those fastidious car owners that look at friends cars and pick their paint work to pieces, which doesn't always make them that happy but I tell them that with a visit to you they too can have a gleaming car. I hope this email doesn't sound like one of those American info commercials but I can honestly say that this is the way I feel.

Kind Regards,

Paul Bulmer.

Just wish to say thank you so much for the time and effort that you have put into my wife's vehicle (Black Ford Territory).

It is simply amazing. I can't tell you how much that I wish this was the finish that was on the vehicle from new.

Will be in touch shortly for some of that magic product for the plastic parts of our cars.

Will also be seeing you for the top up in 6 - 8 months. Again, really appreciate the work you have done inside and out.

Mike Clempson

While on holidays in Queensland with my family I bought a Statesman and the color is Vespa Blue. The dealer told me to treat the paint with a product called Glare sold by a company called Infinity and you wont regret it and you will remember my words. So I got the car back to Melbourne and I looked you up on the Net and I ordered your products. The car was polished by the dealer but nothing to what it looks like now. It's like glass and everybody asks me what polish I have used to get this shine and I give them all your website and so far 3 have bought your products, but my car is a testimony that your polish is the best thing that I have used and I will always use it. It is so easy to wash and it SHINES. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Paul Tsiros
Epping Victoria

I am the president of the Audi S3 Driver's Club and have had my yellow S3 treated with your exclusive Glare paint sealant. I am thrilled with the finish your treatment gave to my car and also the added advantage of removing any `swirl marks' left on my car by the dealership at pre delivery.

The car always has a great shine and is always so easy to clean . The advantage is that now I don't have to buy all those expensive wash and wax treatments that take half a day to rub on.

On my return from a country trip, I found it too easy to wash all the dead bugs off the front of my car - leaving that great job to look at.

Your treatment has saved me hours of wasted time and my car always looks good. I must recommend this treatment to any car enthusiast who wants to keep their beloved vehicle in concourse looking condition.

Douglas Stuart
Audi S3 Driver's Club

Customers who have had their vehicles treated have been so impressed that some have also had additional vehicles treated.

David Campbell
Used Vehicle Sales Manager
Canterbury BMW

We have no hesitation in recommending Magic Seal Protective Coatings to anyone who is looking for a professional outcome and high customer satisfaction.

Stephen J Hall
Sales Manager
AUDI Centre - Brisbane

Dear sir,
Thank you for your demonstration of `Glare' polish on the Royal Flying Doctors & Aero Pearl King Air 200's, and also a 737 Virgin Airline aircraft. We have found the results to be excellent.

We have been using `Fireglaze' over the past 12 years with good results, however, the results of the new `Glare' product are outstanding. We are looking forward to recommending the use of `Glare' on all our future aircraft.

Douglas Clarke
Douglas Aviation Pty Ltd

We have been using `Glare' polish on our Hawker 800XP for the past two years. It far exceeds anything we have tried in the past. The shine is brilliant!
I believe the paint will last twice as long because of the exceptional protection afforded by Glare Polish.
Thanks for a great product!

Mike Ray
Director Aircraft Maintenance
Cracker Barrel Old Country

As storekeeper for the Air Support Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, I purchase the necessary products for use on all of the helicopters for this division. The police personnel continue to request this particular product for its superb consistency and ease in application. Furthermore, the cost benefit for use of this product actually figures into a 5% - 10% savings in fuel due to lessening of the drag co efficient created by this product. Our personnel prefer it to all the polishes available on the market including the well known brand, Meguiar's.

David Perez,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the photos you sent to me (and I received) last week. Whilst at it, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done on the car and in general to tell you how much I am impressed with the paint protection that you had put on. The car looks a million times better now, keeps cleaner & is so much easier to wash. With the car being black, before this protection being applied I was at the point of selling the car as I just couldn't get it to come up the way that it should after being washed, the swirls were driving me crazy and the car was always filthy.

Then, after taking it to you and you taking you taking the swirls out and applying the paint protection treatment, the car simply gleams. Before this treatment, it would take me hours to wash the car, but now within an hour of starting, the car will look like it has just come out of a showroom. The net result of applying the paint protection on the car is unbelievable and money very well spent for me. I know who I will be ringing as soon as I buy my next car or anyone I know asks me about it!

Viktor Vasica

Dear Sir/Madam
I have just recently bought a brand new car about two weeks ago, it came with a paint protection product called crystal Elements VIP Vehicle Protection they call it. It was part of a package if I bought the car. My Question is Last year I bought Glare Infinity Plus for my import and was amazed and totally happy with this product as it has a superior finish and shine compared to this Crystal Elements paint protection that came with the car. Can I just after two weeks apply Glare Infinity Plus to my new car on top of this product called Crystal elements. Look forward to you advise, from a very very happy Glare Infinity Plus product user of the past.

Darren Knight

The Dino looked terrific at the Fiat,Lancia & Alfa Concorso last weekend.Thanks for a good job.I managed to hand out about 6 or 8 of your brochures.
Suzanne,my wife,drives a 4 year old Mercedes "A Class 160",Silver Metallic,& I would like you to advise me what you would charge to detail the exterior with your long life protective products.The interior does`nt matter...
Please let me know.


Hi Vijay,
Just touching base.......
Car looks great !
As you know, I was a bit worried when I first showed you the car with excessive scratch marks caused by car wash cafe's and also waterless car washes.
At worst, I was looking at getting the bonnet re-sprayed to restore it back to factory condition.

But, with the use of your product, and your craftsman skills, you've given me back my car in better condition than as it rolled out of the factory !!
Sensational work mate !!!

The product is truly awesome, and only cost a fraction of what I would have had to pay to get the paint restored at a paint shop.
Being a black car, it was difficult in keeping clean, but now, it's so easy and quick with the products you have provided. Also, many thanks for taking the car at such a short notice..... very much appreciated. I need to pop-in within the next couple of weeks to pick some 'shampoo' for my car and also the full kit for my wife's new car.
Take care, and see you soon.


Hi my name is Elvis Ryland.I am the Director of First Rate Automotive Solutions Ltd here in New Zealand.Just recently I had a customer who wanted your Infinity paint protection applied to his blue 535i bmw.Combined with the ultra wash, spider web swirl and the Micro Precleaner that he supplied and easy instructions, the finished product was awesome. I could brush my hair in the work.It was the best $200 I had made.Because of this, I am now looking at making your product part of my business.Your Infinity range I don't think is available in NZ, but I look forward to making a purchase in the near future.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

Elvis Ryland
First Rate Automotive Solutions Ltd


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