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Wash Sponge 3 x pack

Super soft pile. White in color to see dirt coming off car.

Cost = $4.75 (gst included)


Large Micro fiber Chamois

Non scratch 440mm x 700 mm approx 0.85 mm thick. Very soft. Ideal for the nooks and crannies to dry water without scratching

Cost = $54.95 (gst included)


Micro Fiber Polish Cloth Pack

 2 x large 40 x 40 microfiber non scratch polish cloths
1x small 52 x 52 microfiber non scratch polish cloth

Cost = $32.95 (gst included)


Micro Fiber non scratch wash mitts - 2 packs.

For easy washing.

Cost = $10.00 (gst included)


Foam Applicator Pads.

5 per pack

Cost = $9.50 (gst included)