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New Product - Waterless wash / Dry wash
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Easy Wash, Ultimate Shine and Ultimate protection with Glassplexin® based, GLARE SAHARA

The most superior Waterless wash / Dry wash on the market.

Wash and detail your car without water for as little as $2.50 a wash! Safe, no scratching! The only waterless wash/ dry wash that contains glass-plexin®, for ultimate rock-hard protection and ultimate shine.

GLARE SAHARA is the only safe solution to washing and detailing your vehicle where water is a scarce commodity. This product was formulated for our international customers who live in some of the driest regions in the world. Now, in Australia with water restrictions, we too need a solution for washing our cars without water .

GLARE SAHARA waterless was / dry wash was formulated with the idea of combining the GLARE Ultra Wash with the Glare Rapid Action Express Polish. The result was a perfect solution for the H2O challenged – and easy to use, wipe on, wipe off solution that doesn’t scratch, leaves a mirror shine and goes on protecting your car further.  The key to GLARE SAHARA’s superior shine and protection when compared to other waterless washes lies within our exclusive Glasplexin® formulation. 

Glare SAHARA not only dissolves away and dirt and grime safely, it will infuse the painted surface with molecularly bonding Glassplexin® which outshines, out protects, and outperforms any other waterless wash in the world, whether professionally applied or purchased from a retailer. GLARE SAHARA will create a rock-hard protective shield which protects against harmful UV rays, is impervious to harsh contaminants, and will block out corrosion and oxidation. With GLARE SAHARA the world is your playground, so feel free to get dirty where ever on the globe you may be. Your oasis in the middle of the desert lies with GLARE SAHARA.

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SPECIAL OFFER! Limited Time Only!
GLARE SAHARA Waterless Wash and Detail Kit - 500ml Bottle + Microfibre cloth

SPECIAL $49.50 (usually S59.50 - gst incl
GLARE SAHARA Waterless Refill - 1.08L Bottle

SPECIAL $60.50 (usually $88.00 - gst incl)

GLARE SAHARA Micro Fibre Wash Cloth

SPECIAL $ 8.80 (usually $13.20 - gst incl)


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