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SWIRLMARK and SPIDER WEB REMOVAL Available in DIY kits or via professional application.

"Spiderweb and swirl mark removal is possible.."

Before we talk about “spiderwebs” and “swirl marks” it would be a good idea to read our page on “The truth about swirl marks and spiderwebs". A lot of people have swirl marks & spiderwebbing on their cars, and they probably aren’t even aware of it. To the trained eye, these are quite unsightly.  To the untrained eye, swirl marks can minimise the shine of the car, and affect its overall appearance without focusing on the actual swirls.

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Spiderweb and swirl mark removal is possible, without grabbing a machine and removing a top layer of paint (which of course removes the spider and swirl marks as well). The preferred technique used by Paint Protection Direct involves using a non-abrasive, glassplexin based product that FILLS in without cutting or marking paint surface.

Don't forget to ask about our new "Glare Knockout".
Glare Knockout fill in deep scratches and blemishes including acidic burns from rain in topcoats.

You can try to remove spiderwebs and swirl marks yourself by purchasing DIY kits and products (depending on how bad they are). It is recommended you get us to do it for severe cases, if you want superior results.

The process for spiderweb and swirl marks is as follows:

Clean car with a dewaxer and a non-abrasive micro fiber cloth, to
remove all dead product and contaminants.
Use a liquid clay or clay bar in conjunction with our water based
dewaxer if necessary.
Apply Spiderweb/ Swirl remover with recommended buffing
pads/ cloth and variable speed random orbital polisher.
Seal finish our liquid glass – Glassplexin all weather paint

Maintaining the finish with our glassplexin based wash will reduce friction on the surface and minimize surface damage. Using inferior after care chamois and cloth is the equivalent to washing/wiping with a piece of carpet or pot scourer, wearing down the protective surface prematurely.

Both the individual swirl remover and the complete DIY Paint Protection kit can be purchased form our on-line store.