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Glareplus Paint Sealant (easy on, easy off) - 355ml

Ideal for top up after initial treatment. Fills in surface scratches.

Cost = $76.95 (gst included)


Glareplus Pack

I x 355ml GlarePlus
Applicator Pad
Large Microfiber Polish Cloth

Cost = $86.52 (gst included)


Micro Pre Cleaner - 250 ml

Ideal for precleaning paint surface. Removes hairline scratches. Hand or machine applied.

Cost = $36.30 (gst included)


Micro Precleaner Pack

250 ml Pre Cleaner, applicator pad & microfiber polish cloth.

Cost = $52.25 (gst included)


Spider Web & Swirl Remover - 355 ml

Removes unsightly swirl marks & fills in buffs marks and spider webbing.

Best fix for dark colored cars.

Cost = $43.95 (gst included)


Spider Web & Swirl Remover Pack

 350 ml spiderweb & swirl remover, applicator pad & microfiber polish cloth.

Cost = $55.55 (gst included)


Concentrated Ultra Wash - 250 ml

Ph balanced. Leaves a smooth , glass like finish on car.

Cost = $22.50 (gst included)


Ultra Wash Pack

250 ml wash, wash sponge & non scratch large microfiber chamois

Cost = $45.00 (gst included)


Glare Professional Polish - 355 ml

Ideal long life polish . Leaves a brilliant glass finish on car with added benefits against elements. Will not wash off like regular polish or wax. Fully paintable, no silicone.

Cost = 48.35 (gst included)


Glare Polish Pack

355 ml Glare Polish, applicator pad & large microfiber polish cloth

Cost = $66.65 (gst included)


Vinyl & Leather Protectant - 355ml

Protects and beautifies leather and vinyl.

Cost = $45.50 (gst included)


Vinyl & Leather Pack

355ml Vinyl & Leather, applicator pad & microfiber polish cloth

Cost = $51.50 (gst included)


Tyre & Rubber Dressing. 500ml

No Silicone. Best dressing for faded rubbers and exterior plastics. Restores color immediately and retains looks.

Cost = $45.50 (gst included)


Tyre & Rubber Pack

500ml Glare Tyre Magic, applicator pad & microfiber cloth.

 Cost = $48.50 (gst included)


Glare Rapid. 500 ml

For that immediate show room shine. Works best on cars already treated with Glare Paint sealant.

Cost = $30.25 (gst included)


Glare Rapid Pack.

500ml Glare Rapid & Large Microfiber Polish cloth

Cost = $42.90 (gst included)


Glare Liquid Clay 355ml

 Remove dead / faded / oxidized paint by hand.

Cost = $30.25 (gst included)


Purpose Dewaxer & General Purpose Cleaner 500ml Trigger Pack

Dewax a car, use undiluted to remove stains from seats and carpet. Use diluted to clean windows and leather. Many uses. Water based.

Cost = $12.50 (gst included)