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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is InfinityGLARE Plus?

A: InfinityGLARE Plus is a revolutionary paint protection system that cures to paint. It's chemical structure adheres to paint work, becoming part of it. It smooths the surface and results in a liquid type gloss on your car. You car will look and feel different.

You will never need to wax again, and you will have a lasting shine without reapplication. Your car will also be protected from harmful elements, such as UV rays, acid rain and bird droppings.

Q: How is this system different to other products on the market?

A: Where do we start? The InfinityGLARE Plus system is totally unique. It is not like any other product. All waxes, polishes and sealants now on the market contain harmful chemicals like silicones, waxes, polymers, and Teflon which erode your car paint. We are sure you have used polish before, and seen the colour of your car's paint on the cloth you use. That is because it is the top of paint that has been rubbed off your car. InfinityGLARE Plus contains none of these abrasive chemicals.

InfinityGLARE Plus contains Glassplexin which has the properties of glass. InfinityGLARE Plus electromagnetically blends with the paint molecules and becomes part of the paint - unlike other products which simply lie on top. It is a silicate ion which has a negative charge and the properties of liquid glass, and is exclusively formulated to prepare, polish, seal and protect the paint finish of your car.

InfinityGLARE Plus is the only polish able to filter out the ultra violet rays that causes paint oxidation and is the only product can withstand heat up to 400 degree celcious. Not that your car will ever get that hot - but it just proves how good the product is.

InfinityGLARE Plus is so good, it can even protect your car against chemicals such as brake fluid and spray paint - which totally destroy paintwork (lets see other products do that). If it can protect against bake fluid and spray paint - you can imagine the protection you get against every day contaminants such as acid rain and bird droppings.

InfinityGLARE Plus in NOT water solulable - it dispells water and other contanimants also.

Q: What are the key features of InfinityGLARE Plus?

  • It makes washing you car easier. Grime fall away easily without too much effort.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 400°C without breaking down.
  • Withstands temperatures down to -50°C.
  • Protects against ultra violet rays.
  • Blocks out corrosion.
  • Won't crack, fade, or fall off.
  • Repels foreign matters!
  • No resins, plastics, waxes, or PTFE.
  • Protects, preserves, beautifies, and deodorises!
  • Suitable for internal and external glass.
  • Cannot be over applied.
  • Creates a "wet look".
  • Removes "orange peel".
  • 95% active ingredients.
  • No petroleum fumes.

Q. How often will I need to use InfinityGLARE Plus?

A. InfinityGLARE Plus up to 60 months without any renewal application necessary (based on washing your car once a week).

Once InfinityGLARE Plus applied, no reapplications are required, for the above benefits except for cosmetic purposes such as repairing surface scratching.

Waxing or polishing your is not necessary!  Wash with water when needed, and road grime will float away. All kits sold come with a maintenance kits which contains carwash all you need to keep your car looking great, without too much effort.

Q: Should I use detergent to wash my car?

A: Although InfinityGLARE Plus is able to resist the corrosiveness of most household detergent, it is still not advisable to use any detergent to wash your car. The residue in most detergents can affect the mirror finish. Simply use the car wash we supply with our kits. The car wash is design with the right PH balance and has other ingredients to look after your cars paintwork.

Q: Do I need to wax or polish my car from time to time?

A: Absolutely not. All of the other waxes, polishes and sealants contain either wax, polymer, resin, or silicone. These elements can be harmful to the paint. Besides, InfinityGLARE Plus offers a total protection that will last for 60 months - better than any wax.

Q: Do any of the other products filter uv rays?

As far as we know - no. Only InfinityGLARE Plus can filter out the harmful ultra violet rays. All of the other waxes, polishes or sealants cannot shield your car from the harmful ultra violet rays. Waxes and polishes can even oxidize and break down under constant exposure to sun.

Q: How can GLARE Professional Polish block the ultra violet rays?

A: Of all known substance, only glass can filter out ultra violet rays. InfinityGLARE Plus contains Glassplexin™, and Glassplexin™ has the properties of liquid glass. When being applied to the painted surface, Glassplexin™ actually turns to glass. These glassy shields filter out 97% of the ultra violet rays and, hence, stop oxidation.

Q.Can InfinityGLARE Plusreverse the discoloring caused by paint oxidation?

A: To a certain extent - yes. As long as the paint is still on the vehicle, InfinityGLARE Plus will restore the paint by the exchange of electrons.

Q. Why should I buy the products from Paint Protection Direct?

A. Firstly, we don't want to sell you anything. Our products sell themselves. We only want you to buy from us - if you can truly see the value we are offering. This is why we will put our money where our mouth is. We invite you to come into our premises, and we will evaluate you car's paintwork FREE of charge. We will show you how our products can help you. You can't get a better assurance and risk free insurance than that.

So why should you buy from us? Paint Protection Direct are the sole importers of this product in Australia . We also supply to selected major car dealerships, that adhere to our strict requirements. Buying direct obviously means you buy at a better price.

You will receive full instructions, and an after care kit included in all kits. This is not an added product for extra charge - everyone gets an after care kit as standard.

We are experts in the field of paint protection and paint related products. We are simply here to help you if you want us to. Hard sell is not our policy. We have perfected the art of pant protection - our proven track record is testimonial to that.