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Just a quick note.......

Whilst our trained staff endeavor to attend to and satisfy all customer needs and requirements, considerable time can be saved by providing as much as much detail as possible, pertaining to your inquiry. This allows our staff to utilise valuable time in a meaningful manner.

Vague, non-serious questions will not be addressed. Moreso, tyre kickers, fishers and time wasters are not welcome.  We are only interested in helping those who sincerely need us to solve a problem for them.

Our products, services and testing are second to none. Having calls from individuals who are "in the trade" who still use angle grinders and wool pads, and haven’t heard of microfiber is deemed time wasting in our eyes.

We are using 22nd century technology, conforming to Boeing standard so take some time to read info in this website – you will find most information here.  If you still have legitimate questions, please contact us and we will help you.

We are happy to spend as much time as necessary with like minded tradesmen and clients alike, who need our help.

Just a quick note about our prices.  We are not in competition with cheaper products available in retail outlets.  Or products are professional products.  Shopping for a cheaper price is not an option when THE BEST is not expensive, when you consider the benefits gained with our products and services.