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  "The world's most superior paint protection..."

Paint Protection Direct offers the world's most superior paint protection and related products and services -  direct to the consumer - offering consumers access to these products at reduce costs.

Our products and services are renowned as world class quality and are currently unmatched in the industry for level of protection, ease of application, lifespan and cost.

Our products are not limited to cars - they can be applied to cars, bikes, boats, caravans and trucks alike. The protective nature of our finishes will withstand the effects of marine elements as much as it will road grime and tar. Our existing clients include the airline industry also where the product has provided cost savings by way of reduced costs as well as fuel efficiency.

Together with longevity and superior protection, car owners can experience a mirror finish that provides ultimate clarity of reflection.

Whether you decide to purchase a DIY kit or utlilise our professional applications services, you will enjoy superior protection for your vehicle, as well as a superior reflective finish.

Please browse our galleries and testimonial pages. All the pictures in our galleries and on this site have not been edited at all. We guarantee we will achieve the same results for your car - money back.

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