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Paint Protection Shine
  No car wax,No car polish

Paint Protection means
No More Waxing - Ever!

    Paint Protection Direct means you can achieve the ultimate appearance of your car without needing to use car wax or car polish periodically. Save time, save money, save effort!

  Glass coat - Ultmate Protection

Rock hard, Glass Coat Protection

    Put an ultimate protective Glass Plexin coat on your car. Protect your car against fading and harmful UV rays, acidic bird droppings, acid rain and other contaminants. Our product is the only paint protection system that with stands heat up to 400 degree C. Please note: Our products are Glass Plexin based, not acrylic based. Our products are not water solulable like other paint protection products and car wax and car polish. Ie it does not mix with water - it repells water! These are important points to note, when comparing to other products that claim to do the same.

  Non Abrassive Paint Protection

Our paint protection is

    Other products achieve a shine for your car, but they actually take a top layer of paint off. Paint Protection Direct products are completely non-abrasive.  
  Save water

Save Water

    Easy and quick cleaning with minimal water . We can show you how to acheive a perfect cleaning easily with as little as 2 buckets of water, and no hose. A perfect solution during water restrictions.    
  Repel water and grime

Repels water & grime

    The protective coat actually repels water, gime and contaminants. This means it is not only easy to clean you car, but these contaminants cannot damage your car.    
  Ultimate shine
You can achieve this
    Before paint protection   After paint protection    
From this
To this
    Before paint protection   After paint protection    
From this
To this
  Save time and money Save, Save, SAVE!  
    Whether you buy one of our paint protection DIY kits, or get us to do it for you, because you are buying direct - you will save heaps of money - and more importantly, you know the job is done right.

DIY Kits are avaiable from $168.00. Click here to find out more about the kits. Professional paint protection application is available at up to 60% less than dealer prices. Click here to find out more about our professional application service.

Visit our ON-LINE STORE to buy DIY Kits, individual items and supplies.
  Best car wax If we can't fit it - It can't
be fixed
    Our professional outfit and extensive expertise in the motor industry ensures you get the and advice possible. We have over 35 years experience in panel beating, spray painting and paint protection. We know what we are talking about , and we are happy to put you in the right direction, even if you don't buy our products.    
    Please browse the rest of our site for more detail and information, and feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions.